Knapstein Design | About
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Knapstein Design is a successful interior design firm with 20 years of experience. Projects include new construction, full remodels, specific room updates and space planning. Knapstein Design manages all aspects of projects, working closely with expert contractors, lighting designers, electricians, painters, art galleries, furnishing and fabric representatives, seamstresses, interior resources and other industry professionals. Knapstein Design creates unique spaces for every client from contemporary to classic for clients throughout the United States.


Kurt is an accredited interior design professional through the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). He has called Kansas City his home for the majority of his life. He attended the University of Missouri – Kansas City. Kurt’s commitments to Kansas City have kept him active. Most recently, Kurt twice co-chaired the Kansas City Care Clinic’s annual Bloom event, Bloom Masquerade and Bloom Speakseasy. Kurt serves on the boards of the Kansas City Care Clinic and Greater Kansas City AIDS Service Foundation.

Kurt has consistently supported numerous causes that rely on interior design inspiration such as the Kansas City Symphony Alliance’s Designer Show House and the Design Industry Foundation Fighting AIDS “Dining by Design” annual event. Additionally, he actively supports the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City Symphony, Kauffman Performing Arts Center. He is a former Bacchus Ball chair. He is passionate about art and takes pride in selecting unique pieces for every client, as well as himself, as he continues to build his own collection. He enjoys exploring and engaging within every environment and building relationships. Kurt enjoys travel, exploring and finding inspiration everywhere he goes.


  • New construction
  • Large-scale, older home full remodels
  • Smaller upgrades to existing homes
  • Condominium design efficiency
  • Space planning and room-specific projects
  • Repurposing space for changing lifestyles
  • Long-term project and lifestyle planning


  • Construction documents and specifications
  • Space planning and utilization
  • Restoration
  • Custom solutions for every room and personality
  • Interior detailing of background elements, such as wall and ceiling designs
  • Expert recommendations and management of all contractors, service providers
  • Custom sourcing or design of furniture, drapery and accessories
  • Selection of appliances, plumbing fixtures and flooring materials
  • Acoustics and sound transmission

  • Technology integration, audio/visual and communication technology
  • Color consultation and painting
  • Sourcing furnishings and accessories
  • Art integration
  • Lighting design
  • Fixtures and appliance sourcing
  • Window treatments
  • Exterior landscape and environment